Posting Rules

Posting Rules

Keep posts respectful and professional.

Please 'thumbs up' those that contribute and provide their time freely to help.

Provide details, image analysis is multidisciplinary, please explain industry specific jargon. If possible, include a link to an image. Clearly explain your goals, not just the method you're trying to follow, there are many ways to solve the same problem.

Report spam, any content that is not productive to the post or discussion.

Keep the discussion on the thread. Unless discussing sensitive information, please keep all discussion on the thread in order to help new visitors.

Types of Posts

Questions: Posts asking the community about recipes, measurement setup, scientific imaging, and anything about MIPAR features

Announcements: Posts providing useful information on MIPAR use or how-to tutorials

Problems: Posts asking the community about an issue you are facing while installing or using MIPAR

Ideas: Posts suggesting new features or functionality to MIPAR